5 Best 3D Printers


The Industrial Revolution is well known for the positive changes it brought to countless economies. All of a sudden, the farm was superseded by the factory. It’s been nearly two hundred years since the revolution ended. Now, even the factory is being superseded by something much, much smaller. It is the 3D printer. This creation is getting more affordable every year. As more options enter the market, have a look at the 5 Best 3D printers.

  1. Dremel DigiLab 3D45

If you’re a professional looking for an upgrade, the Formlabs Form 2 is a good option from the 5 best 3D printers. It has arguably the best print quality, while retaining an excellent touchscreen as well as a substantially more powerful laser than its predecessor, the Formlabs Form 1. It is a stereolithography printer, which was the first form of 3D printing. Its adoption of such a technique makes it rather reliable. The price is £3500 on Amazon.

The MakerBot Replicator+ is unique in the sense that it has a standalone app. You can use this app to handle the printer. It is similar to the DigiLab 3D45, in the sense that both have user-friendly yet powerful software. The Replicator+ also offers a rather large build area, for when you have sizeable projects that cannot be done on smaller 3D printers. It is priced at £2,677.40 on Amazon.

This is the priciest of the 5 best 3D printers. Its most unique benefit is its use of dual extruders. This means it can use two kinds (or even colors) of filament for printing. In case you’re wondering, filament is the material used by 3D printers. This unique versatility opens up a lot of printing options for users. The S5 is also a very large printer, even more than the Formlabs Form 2. This allows users to make very large products. It is priced at £5,534.64 on Amazon. 

No doubt the most versatile of the 5 best 3D printers. The Mini 2 works in the three different operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac). It also can use different types of filament, which some printers are unable to do. It is also small and as a result, doesn’t take up too much space. The printer is also easy to use. For example, it isn’t as hard to take out the finished product as it is in other printers. The software it uses is also just as powerful. The price of the printer is £1,500 on Amazon.