Technical Drawing

Technical drawing is both an art and a science; without it, nothing would function properly. Here at 3D CAD Designs, we aim to be your primary engineering design resource, transforming your abstract ideas into the products and machines that you dream about. Our design services will solve your technical challenges, providing solutions that actually work.

Based on your requirements and specifications, we will work hard to provide a quick and high-quality technical drawing in.PDF format (or your choice of final output). Along with this delivery, we will provide a specific outline, detailing all the information necessary to ultimately manufacture your product. This includes the bill of material, or BOM, which lists out all the items and quantity requirements you’ll need for your product to be assembled.

Accuracy, precision, and quality customer service are some of our primary focus areas. As such, we supply the following information in detail as part of our engineering design packages:

  • Part number and description
  • Date
  • Material & finish
  • Mass
  • General tolerances
  • Projection details
  • Scale
  • Revision numbers
  • Status of the drawing (Preliminary, Approved, etc.)
  • Units used in the drawing

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