Printing is are really important in our everyday life. From jobs to taking various tests, printers are practically everywhere. The riseof printers started in 1938. But with the passage of time, a lot of advancements were made. The product we got was ‘3D Printer’.

3D printer works with Rapid PrototypingRPT helps in building 3D Computer Aided Designs. Moreover, Rapid Prototyping itself was announced in the late 1980s. At that time, many objects were being made with 3D printers. But if we talk about today, they are used building a variety of objects.

So, let’s talk about the history of 3D printers.


Chuck Hull created a design of ‘Eye Washup’. Moreover, it was the first 3D object ever made. In addition to that, Chuck wasn’t actually the inventor of 3D printers. Dr Hideo Kadama, a Japanese lawyeris known as the father of 3D Printing. This is due to the fact that he created RPT. 

If we take a look at today’s world, we’ll see that 3D printers are actually used in creating many objects. But before that, we need to know how they actually work.

How does 3D Printer Work?

With the rise of 3D Printers, our world is changing. It’s recreatingthe way we manufacture objects in the modern day society. 3D Printers have a bunch of applications. They can also be used to create human body parts that assistthem. This is due to the fact that they use Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing is the process in which an object is made layer by layer. Various materials are added in every layer which, at some point, builds up a whole object. The significance of additive manufacturing is that it assists creators in building up really complex design with ease and precision. Nowadays, 3D printers are used to manufacture parts of CarsPlanes and even Houses. Moreover, 3D Printing is pretty cost-effective too.

With everything in mind, 3D Printing takes less time rather than actually building up a whole part. Additive manufacturing is time friendly. It takes time to bendand forgedifferent objects, but with the power of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, everything becomes easy and rather simple. 

If we talk about modern day era, 3D Printers are ready for home use. They are really not so crazy expensive. In addition to that, the size is pretty reasonable too.

Now let’s talk about the process of creating a 3D Object. 

Process of Creating a 3D Object

So what is the method of creating a 3D Object? First, you have to create the blueprint of what you’re actually going to print. This is done on a computer. Making blueprint just simplifies the whole process of printing. In addition to that, you can use software like Maya or Blender to create a 3D Object

After making a virtual object, it’s added to the printer.  A lot of printers use Bioplastic. It’s a stringlike component. When it’s melted, it starts to cool down really quickly. This is when an object is actually printed. 

The 3D Object gets printed in the form of layers. It adds the bioplastic and other materials, eventually creating layers of these materials.

There are a lot of objects that we can print using 3D printers. Even if we talk about industries, Toy Companies are using them to create and sell toys. In medical fields, 3D Printing is used in making various body parts. Moreover, food is also made by the use of 3D Objects.

Future of 3D Printing

From the time of its inception, 3D printers have become a game-changer for many companies in manufacturing. Industries like medical, toys, food, automotive and aeroplanes have really benefitted by the use of 3D Printing. 

All this leads us to the conclusion that the future of 3D Printing is really bright. There are a lot of possible objects that might be created in future. Imagine building an Artificial Human Body partwith actual working. It is possible with the use of 3D Printing. It will change the way we thing about creating different objects.

3D Printing is really an innovative way of creating new objects. According to FORBES, 3D Printing market will hit $5 Billionby 2020. How about some crazy stuff? Imagine creating a 3D Printer with the use of 3D Printing. How cool is that?

Now let’s talk about the benefits of 3D Printers.

Benefits of 3D Printers

1. Waste Reduction

Old Manufacturing methods are really outdated. They cause a lot of waste materials everywhere. It’s bad news for our environment. Pollution is causing a lot of problems for our society. But the good thing about 3D printing is that it only works with the material required. So there are no extra waste materials after a product is made.

2. Limitless Shapes and Productivity

The products that you can make using 3D Printers are practically limitless. You can make any shape and any product you want to with no limits at all. In older techniques, people have mould and bend products and they are just not reliable anymore. But with the addition of 3D Printing, making objects layer by layer is basically more reliable and better for creating 3D objects.

3. Cost Friendly

This is one of the biggest advantages of using 3D Printing. In our traditional building methods, the labour costs and the machine operating costs are really too much. Having to care about the hourly wage of every worker can be really expensive. But with the use of 3D Printing, anyone can practically build anything. So 3D printing is pretty cost-friendly too.

4. Quality Output

Our traditional ways of making stuff can often result in bad output. Imagine making an object. If there’s a mistake in adding even one element. The output will become really bad. But with the use of Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing, everything has changed. You give the printer quality materials, that quality material will pay you off using the marvellous output of the result.

5. Speed and Precision

3D Printing is pretty fast if we compare it to our traditional manufacturing methods. Both methods will give great results but the time difference will be huge. From Blueprinting to actual product, 3D Printing has proven to be pretty quick and reliable too. It just take some hours to build really complex products with the use of 3D Printing.

It doesn’t mean that everything is this simple. Planning might take up days to be set. But the production and result is really reliable and good. So use of 3D Printing will rise with the passage of time.

With all the advantages in mind, let’s talk about some of the disadvantages of 3D printers.

Cons of 3D Printers

1. Energy Consumption 

3D Printing takes 50 to 100 more times of power than injection moulding. When melting with lasers, it takes less power. But with the use of 3D printing, energy consumption will be highly increased and this might give you those high-end bills. That’s the only reason why 3D Printers are recommended at a small production stage.

2. Expensive

Before flipping out on me, kindly listen to me. Initial costs of buying 3D Printing equipment can be pretty costly. But it’s a one time cost so if you invest one time, the result you have will eventually be cost effective at some points. Also, some materials are costly probably due to the fact that you are not going to build them in traditional manner. At this stage of 3D Printing, it’s sort of expensive. 

But in future, we can expect everything to be cheap in 3D Printing. That will be the rise of 3D Printing.

3. Limited Materials

As 3D Printing is a rising technology, materials are pretty rare. Some materials are still under development. Plastic is like the role model set for 3D Printing right now. But how long are we going to rely on just plastic? This is due to the fact that creating objects and melting down is pretty easy.

However, plastic may not be ideal when it comes to some components. They may break off just don’t look premium depending on the type of an object. Some 3D Printing companies do offer metals. But, really they do not have that metallic dense feeling to them. This makes the final product look unfinished or even incomplete sometimes.

4. Mimicking Different Companies

Having a 3D Printer is cool. But think about it for a moment. If everyone starts using 3D Printing, they can make their favourite products all by themselves. This increases the copyright infringement rate on a global level. Due to the productivity of people and 3D printing, it will be practically impossible to judge a real and a fake product.

Final Words

With the world becoming advance day by day, it’s really important for us to save time and cost accordingly. Making different objects with precisionand easeis worth it. 

In the near future, 3D Printing is going to take over the manufacturing industries. But it doesn’t mean that it will be anytime soon. It will still take some time for our industry and the whole world to adopt this newly revolutionized piece of technology.

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